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Skyline Products and Services

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Reservations & Ticketing

The Skyline system is a user friendly in-house reservation system that offers both functionality and flexibilty.

Charter Management

Skyline offers a comprehensive Charter Quote and Invoicing System that integrates well with the other Skyline programs.

Statistical Analysis

The Skyline Statistics module is a powerful planning and analysis tool.

Cashout and Reconciliation

Within Skyline, an application exists that assists users in balancing their daily ticket, cargo and charter sales, with their cash and charge receipts.

Cargo Management System

Skyline offers clients a very powerful tool to manage all aspect of their cargo operations.

Flight Operations

Skyline offers up-to-the-minute flight data in an easy format, to help increase aircraft utilization.

Skyline Project Management (SPM)

Skyline Project Management provides a wide array of collaboration tools so that your employees can complete tasks more efficiently.

Online Bookings

Skyline offers the ability to make reservations using Internet Explorer by the general public.

Safety Management System

Skyline Safety Management System (SMS) supports various safety problems submission, risk management, risk-project creation and management, and reporting.

SMS Reporting Tool

Skyline SMS reporting tool generates statistical reports for the Safety Management System (SMS).

Cargo Tracking System

Skyline Cargo Tracking System effectively track your cargo in real time, and also print labels for cargo labelling using industrial printers.

Credit Card Processing

Skyline is capable of processing all types of credit cards including; VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Enroute, Diner's Club and Pin Debit as well as gift cards, loyalty cards, cheques, phone cards and more.


Skyline Accumulator is used to track flight crew�s flight and duty times. This includes Daily-7-30- 60-90-365 day times, as well as Duty Start/Duty End times.


Reservations & Ticketing


Skyline manages all aspects of the reservation thorough its entire lifecycle. It maintains passenger history, financial information, advanced controls, and audit logs. In addition, Skyline Reservations is designed to be a rapid data-entry system. Click for more information.

Charter Management

From Anywhere, to Anywhere

Skyline Charters prepares quotes and invoices, with customizable fares, rates, and fees based on aircraft locations, fuel costs, and much more. Click for more information.

Statistical Analysis

Better Business Information = Better Decisions

Skyline's Statistics provides accurate, real-time, consistent business information when you need it—now. Whether you need to work within the Skyline data warehouse, request a standard report, or have something unique to your airline prepared, Skyline will meet your needs. Click for more information.

Cashout and Reconciliation


Skyline's Agent Daily Sales system offers a quick, painless and efficient reconciliation process in 4 simple steps. Batch files are created that can be imported into your existing accounting system. Skyline is currently integrated with ACCPAC, Great Plains, ABACUS, and Quickbooks. Click for more information.

Safety Reporting System

Analyze Safety System

Skyline Safety Reporting System generates accurate and real-time statistical reports based on the submitted safety problems. You can analyze all aspects of your safety system such as safety procedures, safety system performance utilizing these statistical reports. This tool will also help you to effectively represent your safety system activities and performance to third parties like the Government. Click for more information.

Cargo Management System (CMS)

Track and Trace

CMS is specially designed for the cargo business of your airline. Receiving and shipping cargo can be as simple as drag'n'drop. Additional features include warehouse management, cargo labeling, online tracking, cargo/flight filter, and more. Click for more information.

Flight Operations


Skyline's Flight Operations Module allows the employee to oversee and assess aircraft utilization and manage charters, scheduled flights, pilot shifts, and much more from an easy and intuitive console. Associated cargo, charter, and reservation tickets are within a few clicks. Click for more information.

Credit Card Processing

Receive Payment Smartly

Skyline is capable of processing all types of credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, Enroute, Diner's Club, and PIN Debit; as well as gift cards, loyalty cards, cheques, phone cards, and more. Most importantly, Skyline does it without any third party, hence your revenue will increase significantly. Click for more information.


Flight and Duty Tracking

The Skyline Accumulator is used to track flight crews' flight and duty times. This includes Daily-7-30-60-90-365 day times, as well as Duty Start/Duty End times. Click for more information.