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World Class System

Skyline aims to provide a world class, enterprise wide system to meet the needs of small to medium sized airlines.

Canada Wide Service

We service many air carriers all across Canada, and new clients are joining all the time.

The Skyline Difference

Skyline is affordable to even the most modest of IT budgets, and can be customized to suit your carrier's unique needs.

Take the tour and see what Skyline can do for your business

What is Skyline?

Skyline is a world class, powerful, and flexible airline information system that automates all of the front-end processes, as well as many of the functions of operations departments. Our goal is to provide even the smallest of carriers the benefits of technology.

Is Skyline for you?

Do you need:

  • a system where information is entered only once?
  • a way to better connect with your customers?
  • added services provided by internet bookings?
  • better yield controls for flights?
  • a program that is customizable, scalable, and can expand to meet your needs?
  • the benefits of a single system that manages every aspect of customer service and operations?
  • a program that is easy to use?

Why choose Skyline

We have been delivering IT solutions to carriers since 1992. More Canadian carriers use Skyline than any other aviation program because:

  • It is the most user friendly system available.
  • Every step of the process is automated from the initial booking to sending the information into accounting .
  • It is fully integrated with other systems such as APIS, ECATS and other third party programs.
  • It offers the benefits of a single system to manage all aspects of the operations including reservations, cargo, charters, project management, safety reporting, crew management, and flight operations.
  • It can easily be integrated into your accounting software.
  • Skyline is powerful yet affordable.
  • Skyline can easily be adapted to suit the unique needs of any carrier.
  • Skyline has a successful history of reliability. We recognize that Skyline is a mission critical set of applications that simply must always be on.
  • Skyline uses the latest technology in delivering a system to our clients in a way that is stable, proven, and tested.